We meet again!

The LuRong Paleo Challenge is back and we are ready.  For those of you whom participated last year know the success we have had with this challenge.  If you feel you have hit a wall in your performance or physical appearance, we guarantee this challenge will take it to the next level.  Click the image below for more info and registration.


What does the challenge involve?

The Challenge provides 10 WODS, each with 3 Skill Level options so you are sure to find a challenging workout that is appropriate for your experience level. That means if you are brand new to CrossFit, you will be fine and there is no need to be intimidated. This also means that if you were CrossFitting before there was a Reebok Nano, you will be physically challenged to reach the next level.

Changing your dietary habits goes beyond looking better in the mirror. While that is a fine goal, there is more at stake than just your physical appearance. Every aspect of our health and performance is traced back to your diet. Taking part in the 8 week Challenge will not only give you the tips and resources to change your lifestyle, but it also gives your body a much needed ‘reset’ from all the processed foods, artificial ingredients, sugar, and junk that are staples of the modern American diet.

Taking proactive steps to your health now is an investment to your future and the future of your family. Last year we heard countless stories about how entire families were transformed due to just one person in the family participating in the Challenge. Results are contagious. If we are honest with ourselves, we know a change needs to be made. The problem is that we seldom know where to start.  Now you do. Start with the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge.

Balls to the Wall

Wall balls are one of the movements we see quite often in our WODs.  It is a full body movement that takes explosive power, strength, and coordination.  Even though the wall ball can be broken down to a simple squat and toss, there is plenty of room for error.  We have a few different variations of squats (Front, Back & OHS).  Each variation has different movement patterns with the upper body that we must focus on, while the lower body movement is ideally the same.  Even though we are not using a barbell, Wall Balls would fall into this category.

Unlike the squat variation we do with the barbell,  the Wall Ball is much more explosive and will lead to increased heart rate.  While performing the wall ball, we are also using our arms,  which will fatigue quicker than our legs.  We want to make sure we get the most power from the legs and decrease usage of our arms in order to perform more reps.


Here are some tips to increase efficiency while performing Wall Balls.


  1. Strategy –  while performing Wall Balls you want to gauge the amount of reps you can do unbroken without loosing control of your heart rate.
  2. Distance off wall-  Stand about arms distance off the wall.  You want to setup so the med ball returns directly back into your hands and you can maintain a strong base to go directly into the next rep.
  3. Elbows Under- the elbows want to be under the medicine ball which will generate more power in the release in comparison to the elbows being out.  Same concept as when we press the barbell overhead.  if the elbows flail out, we will loose strength from supporting muscle groups.
  4. Head Up – focus on the target.  Look at where you want to toss the ball, it will come right back to you, so DON’T look away or you will get a face full of med ball.
  5. Relax the arms -  To reduce your energy spent per rep, let your arms relax and fall down to your sides as the ball is in the air. This also allows you to catch the ball closer to the ground, reducing the overall time and distance, you are working against gravity.
  6. Don’t “hold  the baby”-  When we receive the ball it should remain in front of our head, we should NOT lower the ball in front of our chest/stomach and then reset on the way up to toss the ball.  You are adding a movement and decreasing efficiency.  Plus when you do this, your body weight tends to go forward, increasing the pressure put on your knees.
  7. Height Helps – Taller athletes have the advantage on this one.  So you can always get taller to improve your Wall Balls.



I’ve been dranking, I’ve been dranking!!!!

We all will consume the occasional cocktail, have a beer with friends or enjoy our yearly keg stand.  Bottom line is majority of people like to drink.  Within that group falls you,  the person  who is concerned more about how many reps they can complete over how many beers then can drink in 12 min.  But you do like to enjoy yourself.  Following the paleo diet (or any diet), we should not be consuming high amounts of alcohol.  But we all know that, and will drink anyways.  So how do we make the drinking, “healthy”.  Below are some tips on common alcohols and if they do or do not fall into the “healthy” drinking category. 

Beers. NO
  • Everyone loves a nice cold beer on a warm summer day.  Luckily for our health, summer will be over shortly because beers are not paleo friendly.  Beer is primarily made of wheat, barley and hops.  All Non-Paleo.  So unfortunately beers are a NO.
Red Wine : YES
  • Red wine is made primarily from grapes, grapes are a fruit…point proven.   You can drink red wine.  But be prepared, some side effects made occur.  For example,
  1. Increased emotional instability,  you may find yourself crying alone in a bar standing.
  2. Drowsiness,  you may find yourself passed out in weird places.
  3. Vampire Teeth.  After multiple glasses your teeth may begin to look like you just went to a diner but didn’t have pancakes.  You had human.
Tequilla: Yes
MMM MMM ,  makes my mouth feel so yummy!!!
  • Made from agave. which is a plant, which comes from the Earth.  Consume tequilas that have 100& Agave.  Luckily Patron falls into this category so we are all safe.  No mixers.  The lime is paleo friendly too!
Saki : NO
  • Made from Rice.  You won’t be going out and eating sushi on Paleo so this is an easy one to avoid.
Vodka. NO
  • Made from grain or potatoes (sometimes fruit).  But, recent studies have shown that Ciroc is made from grapes (a fruit) & coconut (one of the best things on the planet).  Thank you P.Diddy.


Scotch : NO
  • Made from Malt barly, wheat and rye (grains).  Obviously Ron Burgundy is NOT Paleo.  But boy is he handsome.



Membership Policy Changes

  1. 30 Day Notice for Cancellation.
  2. Memberships can be put on hold for up to 3 weeks, No Charge.  Over 3 weeks $15 Charge.
  3. Long Term Memberships must be paid in full at point of purchase.


Kill Cliff Now Available – $3/Each

Kill Cliff is a functional recovery drink made up of B, C, and E vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts including ginger root, green tea extract, and ginseng root powder as well as a unique enzyme blend. Kill Cliff aids in recovery and helps you feel awesome again through micronutrient replenishment and is best taken before, after or during a strenuous workout, or when you need to fight that not-so-awesome feeling. Kill Cliff is an alternative to other everyday beverage choices; no sugar, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and only 15 calories! And it’s the perfect complement to macronutrient-based protein and carb recovery products. Kill Cliff also tastes AWESOME and just to be clear, it is NOT an energy drink.

Available at the Box $3 each.

80% of the time, it works…. Every time

Following a strict diet will lead to increased energy and decreased body fat, among other benefits. These are benefits that you should start to see and feel within the first 2 weeks of changing your diet. The Paleo diet, like any diet, is definitely a challenge to follow, but so is every WOD. Think of how hard we push ourselves in the gym and how great we feel when we’ve completed a workout. Those days that we don’t make it to the gym we may feel a little down and out of it. Think about your diet the same way you do your workouts. If you miss a workout you may feel guilty, if you eat bad foods you will feel the same. The saying “you can’t out train a bad diet”, is 100% accurate.

After following the Paleo Diet for 30 days, we should all feel a lot better than you did when we were surviving on deli meats and protein bars. Our performance in the gym increased along with our energy levels throughout the day. It should now be clear how important our diet is, especially when it is going hand in hand with a well rounded exercise routine. We just cleansed our bodies from all unnatural chemicals and processed foods. Now that the challenge has ended we will no longer have restrictions on our diets, and this is where the REAL challenge starts.

Moving forward we need to keep in mind what we just went through. We dedicated anentire month to eating clean, this is now our lifestyle. Of course we can now indulge in some of the foods we were craving, and that is fine, go for it. But do this in moderation. We can start to add in some more grains and wheat products into our diet but don’t go overboard; now that your body is clean of all the toxins, it could react to and overdose of these unwanted chemicals. After that first slice of pizza or plate of pasta your body will be sure to tell you it has had enough. A few cheat meals are okay but we want to stay at least 80% Paleo, and don’t fill the extra 20% with ice cream and ring dings.


So how are you supposed to eat ? Here are some tips to continue moving you on the right path.

  • Continue eating the same, but feel free to add in some non-paleo foods. (Brown Rice, Wheat Bread, Wraps).
  •  1-3 cheat meals a week is acceptable, if exercise is programmed in regularly.
  • Portion control is very important.
  • Don’t let your eyes eat more than your stomach can handle.


After eating your first bowl of ice cream or slice of pizza you will NOT feel too good and you will remember that feeling and no longer want that. Here and there it is definitely okay to go for something you are craving for, but do NOT make it an everyday thing. You all did an amazing job during the past 30 days, take what you learned and keep it with you moving forward.





Paleo Diet Flowchart

80% of the time,  it works…. every time!

Reminder :  Re-Test will be Saturday 7/12 @ 9AM.   

June Personal Records

  • Oren – Push Jerk 215#
  • Gabi – Front Squat 180#
  • Angela – Clean & Jerk 165# Deadlift 265#
  • Dave – Front Squat 225#
  • Francine – Front Squat 90# 3RM, Sumo Deadlift 145#
  • Deena – Front Squat 105 # 3RM
  • JP – Split Jerk 280#
  • Anthony – 3 Muscle Ups
  • Frank the Tank – Snatch 175# Clean & Jerk 255# Power Clean 285#
  • Jake – Power Snatch 165# Sumo Deadlift 305# 2RM
  • Paul – Hang Clean 225# 2RM Power Clean 215#
  • Melissa C. – Hang Clean 115#
  • Jason – Hang Clean 195# Front Squat 195# 3RM, Power Clean 190#
  • Sarah – Deadlift 160#
  • Fr. Theo – Deadlift 445#


Paleo Meals – Order 7/05

  • Chicken Burgers w/ Sweet Potato & Broccoli
  • Sirloin Meatballs w/ Sweet Potato Mash & Broccoli
  • Turkey Breast w/ Cabbage Bacon and Onion & Roasted Mushrooms
  • Prime Hamburger w/ Sweet Potato Fries & Cole Slaw
  • Salmon w/ Spaghetti Squash & Spinach

Orders Must be in & Paid by Saturday 1pm.

Upcoming Events

July 4th – Group Classes 9am, 10am , 11am, 12pm.

July 9th – Wednesday, END of Paleo Challenge

July 12th – July 13th – 9am Group Classes Begin

Saturday (7/12)

  • 9am – Paleo Challenge Re-Test
  • 10am – 11am Group Class
  • 12pm Free Trial Class
  • There will be No Open Gym.

Sunday (7/13)

  • 9am , 10am, 11am Group Classes

Since we have all suffered from muscle tightness, inflexibility, soreness, etc.  We will have a visit from Joseph Bianculli, from Five Phases Acupuncture.  Licensed Acupuncturist and Practitioner of East Asian Medicine.  He will be offering his time to give anyone who is interested in “bodywork” (stretching, mobility).    He will be here Saturday between 9:30-11am.  Below is a message from Joe.

I would like to take the opportunity at this event to give to the fitness community a chance to experience a little piece of the medicine that has, for me, been life changing. I hope at the least you will walk away with a little more knowledge by which to make better choices for taking care of yourself.

lYou will experience the Chinese form of bodywork known as Zheng Gu TuiNa or literally ‘correct bone push grasp’. This is a form of physical manipulation that involves all the hard and soft tissue of the body or rather, the bones, joints, muscles, fascia and skin. Some techniques will appear universal amongst other forms of bodywork and some will be exclusive to the Chinese methods. These techniques will involve moderate to deep stimulation, both on broad and specific areas of the body with the intention of helping muscle recovery, stretching and increasing range of movement of joints, and possibly releasing trigger points and spasms.

You will also have a chance to check out some herbal methods used to treat skeletal muscular issues. These can be either cooling or warming in nature and usually have strong blood and qi moving properties. I will have a very small sampling of the myriad of patches, soaks, plasters and liniments that exist in the pharmacopeia of East Asian Medicine.

Paleo Meals – Saturday 6/28 Order

Orders Must be in and PAID by Saturday (6/28).   Cash ONLY!


  • Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon w/ Cauliflower Mash & Spinach
  • Chicken Meatballs w/ Roasted Mushrooms & Cabbage Bacon Onion
  • Salmon w/ Spaghetti Squash & Spinach
  • Chicken Salad w/ Cole Slaw & Sweet Potato Fries
  • Chicken Burger w/ Sweet Potato & Broccoli

Please pick up your orders Monday Evening.  Due to limited fridge space.

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