Nutriton Seminar & Paleo Lunch



Catered Lunch By Prime 11 – 12:30

Your Coaches & our PurePharma Rep will be available for Q&A after seminar.

PurePharma Nutrition Challenge

We will be embarking on another Nutrition Challenge. This time around we will be partnering up with PurePharma. If you have not already tried their supplements this is a perfect time to do so. When you sign up for the challenge you will receive a month supply of the PurePharma – 3. When these supplements are combined with a healthy clean diet and proper exercise you will receive maximum benefits, not to mention a complete turn around in your overall health energy level and well being.

Our Nutrition Seminar will be on Sunday 1/25 @ 11am.

Body Measurements will be taken at this time.  (Must be submitted by 2/1)


How does it work? 

Our challenge will begin Monday February 2nd. Over the span of 45 days you will track your diet (using the point system listed below) and your performance in the gym. There will two benchmark WODs performed within the first week of the challenge and then re-testing them the week after the challenge is over. Measurements MUST be taken before the start date (this can be done by any of your coaches).

At the beginning of the challenge we will all set 2 goals. One is performance based (ex. Consecutive kipping pull-ups) and one is diet based (ex. Fitting into your prom dress again). The performance based goal will need to be worked on everyday and will only be obtained by dedication. (your coaches are here to help). The diet based goal should be obtained by following the challenge guideless everyday.

**Set realist goals: If a 400lb. back squat is your goal but your only squatting 135lb. now this would be considered unrealistic.


How do I gain/lose points?

We will be going off the honor system, like we do everything at CFGN. We trust you to properly count your reps everyday and we will trust you to track your score. If you choose to cheat, you are only cheating yourself. Plus if you are not loosing inches and increasing your performance we will know that you’re cheating.

  • Everyday you will start will 0 points. You will submit your score every Sunday.
  • You lose points (-2 each)
    • Cheat Meals, going off the diet
    • Not consuming 4-6 meals a day (healthy snacks count)
  • You Gain points:
    • 3 or more WODS weekly (+7 for the week)
    • Proper Hydration, Half your body weight in ounces of water (Mandatory 16oz. upon awakening) (+1 Daily)


The Hook Grip


The hook grip can be considered the “Kung -Fu Death Grip” of the weightlifting world (or at least at CFGN).   It is used to increase the grip on the bar and decrease the chances of having the bar roll back in your hand or dropped while performing lifts. When mastered this grip can take your training to the next level, especially in relation to the Olympic lifts.



So what is it?…….



            The hook grip is an Olympic Weightlifting technique which is believed to be mandatory for many lifters/coaches. When gripping the bar you first want to place your thumb around the bar, then wrap your pointer and middle finger around your thumb. This positioning on the bar creates a much more secure hold (versus the traditional grip).  The setup up may seem simple but can be very uncomfortable for new lifters.  The hook grip is extremely important when trying to move heavy loads, or high repetitions (ex. high rep hang cleans).



As you know the hook grip can cause some discomfort, but if practiced over and over your body will adapt and it will become second nature while gripping the barbell. This process can be as little as 2-3 weeks. Continue practicing this technique and next thing you know you will be holding the steering wheel with a hook grip. Just like any transition we make in the gym it is a struggle at first, just stick with it and PR’s will be in your very near future.

the CrossFit total

Another year of training in the books, & we have all had huge success.  We’ve seen changes in our appearance, strength & confidence.  Moving forward we will be testing our strength to set our base for 2015.  On Saturday 1/17 (9-2pm), we will be programming the CrossFit Total.  We will be dedicating the entire day to “lifting the weights……a lot”.  You can come in at anytime of the day to perform the WOD.  We would recommend allowing yourself at least 90 minutes to complete this WOD.  As we know 1RM, takes a lot out of you and you must perform 3 consecutive. The rules are below:

  • There is no time limit
  • All lifts much be completed in one session, you cannot perform one lift go home nap and come back for the next.
  • Must be performed in this order: back squat, shoulder press, deadlift

If you cannot make it during this time please try to come in during open gym or schedule a time with a coach.

What is the CrossFit Total?

The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the back squat, the strict press, and the deadlift (in that order).

After warming up and building to a difficult set, you should do three 1rm attempts with the 3rd set being your goal weight.   The following breakdown can be used for your strategy.  The first attempt would be a weight you know you can do for a heavy set of three. The second attempt would be a weight you know without any doubt that you could do for a single, having just done the first attempt. And the third attempt is the weight you want to do, based on your performance on the previous two attempts.  The purpose of this is to start the year off knowing your 1RM in these three lifts.  This will allow yourself and your coaches to better program your WODs individually.

Done correctly, the CrossFit Total is perhaps our best tool for telling us the things we need to know about a very important aspect of our training.



Holiday Schedule

Christmas Eve 

  • 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am Group Classes
  • 12:30 CrossFit Kids

Christmas Day – Closed

New Years Eve

  • 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11 am Group Classes
  • Open Gym 12-2
  • 2pm CrossFit Kids

New Years Day – Closed


Upcoming Events

12/15 – Body Work * “Tune-Ups” with Joe Bianculli 4:30-9pm

12/20 – Holiday Party 7:30 @ Monohans & Fitzgerald – on Bell Blvd.

  • $60 Dinner/Open Bar  (Please pay in cash as your earliest convenience)

Weekend Schedule & Upcoming Events

11.15 – Saturday – Epic Showdown

  • 9 , 10 , 11am Group Classes,  No Free Trial or Open Gym

11.16 – Sunday – Normal Group Class Schedule

  • CrossFit Kids – Free Trial 12:30

11.17 – Monday – 4:30 – 8:30

  • Body Work w/ Joe Bianculli
  • PurePharma Q&A – Gabe Yanez will be here explaining why these supplements are so important and will be able to answer any questions you have.  PurePharma supplements are available for purchase at the box.

11.22 – Saturday – 12:00 – 2:30  – Foundations Seminar

  • If you have not attended our new Foundations Seminar we recommend you attend.  It is included in your membership. Current members can bring a friend or family member.

11.23 – Sunday – Beat The Bracket @ CrossFit 5th Ave

  • Normally Scheduled Group Classes,  No CrossFit Kids


October Personal Records

  • Zi – 1st Rope Climb, Front Squat 105 3rm
  • Wellington – Deadlift 315# 1rm
  • Frankie – Squat Clean 225#, Deadlift 395#
  • Antonella – 1st Rope Climb
  • Jason – Squat Clean 205#, Hang Clean 195#
  • Ben – Power Snatch 180# 2rm, Shoulder Press 170# Front Squat 265#
  • Shaina – 1st Unassisted Pull Up WOD, Hang Clean 115# 3rm, 125# 1rm
  • Jenni – Back Squat 135# 2rm
  • Ian – Back Squat 175# 3rm
  • Jimmy – Hang Clean 200# 3rm
  • Frank – Power Snatch 205#
  • Josh – Deadlift 305# 2rm
  • Angela – Front Squat 200#, OHS 145# 3rm
  • Laura – Back Lunge 165# 2rm
  • Gabi – Deadlift 255#
  • Lauren – Deadlift 270#
  • Dave – 20 Unbroken Double Unders

Flexibility is a Weakness



You may have noticed an increase in the amount of foam rollers we have at the box and you may be wondering why so many.  Well…we work hard and our bodies are extremely tight.  We will be teaching you more foam rolling/stretching  techniques during the warm-ups and we would like you to tell us how you feel before and after we rollout (Test & Re-Test).  As we have stated before, everybody is going to have different “Trigger Points” that need to be worked on.  Throughout the next few weeks we want you to try and find yours and work on them.  During our “Strength/Skill” portion of our WODs, we will stress mobilization, now is your time to work on it.







Tips for Self-Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling)

  • Perform foam roller sessions when your muscles are warm or after a workout.
  • Position the roller under the soft tissue area you want to release or loosen.
  • Gently roll your body weight back and forth across the roller while targeting the affected muscle.
  • Move slowly and work from the center of the body out toward your extremities.
  • If you find a particularly painful area (trigger point), hold that position until the area softens.
  • Focus on areas that are tight or have reduced range of motion.
  • Stay on soft tissue and avoid rolling directly over bone or joints.



Pure Pharma

We are excited to announce a new line of supplements that we will be carrying, Pure Pharma.  Available to purchase next week!

Pure Pharma provides athletes with the most powerful micronutrients.  Although their product line is small this allows them to focus and specialize in these supplements, providing you with the highest quality.  We will be carrying the Pure Pharma 3, which is a complete package of the essential vitamins & minerals the human body needs to function to its full potential.


Pure Pharma 3 : The Complete Package – $65

  • O3 :  Ultra Pure Fish Oils : Omega 3purepharma_3_1_3
    • Reduce Inflammation
    • Great for the heart
    • Maintains Brain Function
    • Maintains Normal Vision
  • D3: Vitamin D + Organic Coconut Oil
    • Helps strengthen bones
    • Helps improves immune function
    • Reduces risk of osteoporosis
    • Reduces risk of depression
  • M3: Minerals (Magnesium, Zinc, B6)
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Enhances recovery
    • Maintains electrolyte balances
    • Essential for muscle function

Everything you need in one package.

More Info.. 

Product Overview

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